More 5.1.4 errors after tos 5.x migration

Here’s a quick collection of bugs I’ve found so far after migrating to TOS 5.1.4 from 3.11.26

1.) The KILLER BUG is WAN recv down to ~13MBit, with TOS 3.11.26 it was around 800-900MB. send performance is interestingly ok. It is 100Mbit Upstream with TOS 5.1.4 & 3.11.26. I have checked the Speed on the Network ports but all is set to 1000Mbit LAN & WAN Ports. So why on earth is the downstream so extremly slow. As soon as I switch from TOS 5.1.4 (emmc) to TOS 3.11.26 (sata) performance is back at around 800-900MBit.
2.) wget package not installed so installing new packages failes completely and you have to manually download and install
3.) file /etc/fw_env.config get’s removed if it was present before which kills fw_printenv, fw_setenv etc. commands must be manually recreated

Hope this errors especially downstream is (especially wget) fixed soon and I don’t know why such huge impact errors like extremly slow performance and loosing wget package have gone to hbs branch.

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