Monitoring (Realtime Graphs, LEDs, Collectd) for LAN Interfaces Connected to Switch-chip

Thank you very much!

Oh no, it’s DSA again. :wink:

I installed ethtool (opkg update , opkg install ethtool) and tried your suggestion.
I can confirm that in_good_octets and out_octets contain the desired values.

Within the next days I will try to adapt the script from LED color based on bandwidth usage to use ethtool instead of /proc/net/dev.

I was wondering - maybe you (or someone else) know - how TurrisOS or OpenWrt address this issue (if at all). As far as I know, the Realtime Graphs are a default feature in OpenWrt. Apparently (I did not research in this) those access /proc/net/dev, too, as they do not indicate traffic between switch ports.

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