Missing webbrowser module in Python3 standard distribution on Turris 5.x

‘webbrowser’ module is part of standard installation in Python3.
But it’s not distributed with Python3 on Turris Omnia (and possibly does not come from OpenWRT).
I cannot install it.
‘pip3 install webbrowser’ will not work.
How can I add it?
to see what is installed

Hello @jjcale,

What would be your usage of having the webbrowser module on OpenWrt? I’m asking because I prepared and run tested it on the router and right now, I am not sure if others are going to use it somehow. Because I have some doubts if it is somehow useful and that not many people will be using it on the router.

I came to webbrowser module just today. I tried to use it on my computer and I see the advantages of having it and using it. For example, it opens a website in my web browser while doing this on the router, it does not do anything as there is no browser. Do you want it as a requirement for some package?

Many modules from Python3 are stripped down to their own variant like python3-urllib, python3-cgio and so on. On the other hand, some modules are not packaged at all like this one. This is because OpenWrt targets embedded devices and minimal requirements to run OpenWrt is 16 MB storage and at least 64 MB RAM.

For now, it is prepared in my forked repository:

Hello @Pepe,

I have a script to download/upload files from OneDrive for Business.
The script uses MS Graph API and that requires MSAL (Microsoft Authentication Library).


And MSAL uses Webbrowser module.
I worked perfectly on my Ubuntu machine, then I transferred it to Turris and discovered that Webbrowser was missing… ;-(
What can I do about it?
Can I add it manually?
Many thanks!

Sent you a PM with a link to the package for Turris Omnia, so you might want to test it before I will submit it to OpenWrt.

So far so good…
Thanks a bunch!

Pull request to OpenWrt packages sent:

If it is going to be merged, it will be part of upcoming OpenWrt 21.xx release and then I could backport it to Turris OS. There’s possibility that I could include it in Turris OS 5.2 as it does not break anything.