Missing package subversion-server

Some time ago installed the package subversion-server from official feeds (using LuCI interface).
Now the package has been removed from the official feeds and I’m getting daily notifications like this:

Updater failed:
inconsistent: Package subversion-server is not available

I made my own feed with the package (and with subversion-libs and subversion-client) and the packages are available (in the LuCI interface), but I’m still getting the daily notifications.

Can you please return the package subversion-server to the official feeds ?

Also does this mean I’ll be getting these notifications for every installed package that’s not in the official feeds ?

It should be sufficient to set the path to your custom repository with packages you mentioned to the updater configuration file /etc/updater/user.lua like this:

Repository "myrepo" "file:///path/to/repo"

Thank you, that helped.