Missing overview about issues - calling for community opinion

Target of this thread is to collect requirements from community for missing overview about current state of OS versions. Current issues are discussed in many threads and one simple overview is missing. Below I’m going to collect input from other users of router. At the end we will have collected requirements. It allows us to choose the best tool for our needs.

Codename: Overview about current issues


  • List of issues
  • Filtering: by OS version, by router version, by issue state
  • List of workarounds (or links to workarounds)

Tools possibilities


  • write a simple procedure to report bugs to Gitlab


  • how to effective report issues (include diagnostics information)

I’m going to update this first post according to input from a community. Feel free to add your suggestiong and I’ll add them ASAP.


I think 1 week would be sufficient.

The turris people have claimed that this forum is more of a social thing. They have proper bug trackers for incidents and such. I myself have reported two small bugs, and received a proper reply. I like discourse, but it’s not a bug tracker, incident reporting system, project management tracker. I also very much dislike pushing “solutions” to the people doing the actual work. It doesn’t work. Let the people who do the actual work decide which systems they use. Heck Linus Torvalds used file systems and patch to manage until he got fed up, started using bitkeeper and then wrote git.


Hmm. We can do that. That could be just tags in gitlab. Of course no previous versions but new versions could be tagged and filtered that way.


Yes, bugtracker is usually fine.

But with turris, there are just TOO MANY cases, when update is released, and dealing with troubles takes like a days after that. Sometimes longer. Someone could call that as usual thing in nowadays releases.

There I think something like actual end-user-like interface with information and possible solutions until fixed version is released comes to play, and need for it is understable.

Not specifically, it was just general description of my feeling. For me, is gitlab filter just fine, also its most convinient for devs. But I cant talk for the “less technical” users…

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I gave the like just to express interest. I beta tested Adobe, Quark and FileMaker. But as a user, I’m not a programmer. They always wrote back and requested specific data. It would help me if someone would write a simple procedure to report bugs to Gitlab. I will like to continue to learn and test. Nobody wants to waste the time of others.

We could inspire by Synology. They have public Technical support form see https://account.synology.com/support/support_form.php On each Synology disc station there is also an application for bug reporting that has similar items as the public support form and if you wish the application can automatically send system log, kernel log and other as an attachment to Synology.

Good work … thanks :slight_smile:

It maybe seems that it was silently updated, but in fact I wanted to post here on Monday or Tuesday, because I’d like to add one more article, which is paired with Errata.
The things listed in Errata they’re not new for someone, who is reading forum frequently.

We’re glad that somebody from community wants to improve some things.
Maybe somebody from our team doesn’t inform you, but we’re discussing it and working on it.
For example @cynerd created issue with known bugs, but it’s just preview, how it should look.

About HaaS - We’re really sorry, but problems showed under load and we’re working on it.
I have a few posts about it here, too and it’s also included in Errata.

so from this day we have official changelog included in our documentation with known issues for specific release.
See it here for English version.

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Of course it is. :slight_smile: We’re writing issues on our Gitlab only in English.
Also we don’t commit things in Czech.

Thank you. I fixed it.

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