Minimum RSSI and allowed wireless rates

I’d like to know if there is a way to implement minimum RSSI to disallow clients roaming between access points, or if there’s a way to deny wireless clients that can only connect at 1, 2, 6 mbit etc.

My current setup is a Turris Omnia and a Ubiquiti UniFi-AC located at opposite ends of the house. I find clients are still wanting to connect to the Omnia even when located in the same room as the UniFi AP and I believe it is because the Omnia is advertising more supported modulation speeds and thus most devices choose this AP. Some clients (namely Apple products) correctly choose the closer UniFi AP.

In the configuration for the UniFi AP I can set a minimum RSSI for clients to be required to connect on a per radio basis. I can also mark certain modulation throughput rates as legacy or disabled. Can this functionality be brought to the Omnia?


AFAIK usually client makes roam decision. First of all client must support roaming (in 90% they don’t) and if it has support for roaming manufacturer sometimes makes special wireless management software that enables users to change roaming behavior. APs must also support roaming of course and I’m not sure this can be done with APs from different vendors.

So I’m very skeptic about this. We have clients also with Apple devices connected to professional vendor WLAN networks and I’ve never heard of issue with roaming so it should be solvable on AP side.

If you want to change basic and supported rates (1,2, 6 mbit) to have it united with UniFi try to change options “basic_rate” and “supported_rates” -