Migrating from Turris OS 3 to 5 : basic functions work, but many others don't

I just migrated a Turris Omnia from to 5.1.1. While the router still works and routes, there are many problems. Such migration is indeed quite experimental.

I used Foris and selected " Migration to Turris OS 5.x". First issue is to find out when migration is over. The Web daemon stopped so I couldn’t use the Web interface, so I relied on ssh and top to see if something was going on. After less than one hour, “top” showed that updating was over. I rebooted the router.

Since then:

  • The Omnia is routing so I can write this message :slight_smile: Wifi works.
  • DHCP works but all the fixed IP addresses disappeared. It seems the machine forgot a part of its network config.
  • lxc disappeared. There are no more lxc-something commands
  • the Web interface does not start automatically, I have to do ‘/etc/init.d/lighttpd start’
  • after that, Luci works but not Foris: " 500 Internal Server Error"

I’m now trying to fix manually stuff one by one but if someone has ideas about what to do…

For DHCP, I was wrong, it was not working at all. A ‘/etc/init.d/dnsmasq enable’ + reboot apparently fixed the problem.

The Foris issue was actually a disk issue. There is an extra disk and it was not mounted. I installed the package block-mount and now Foris works.

For LXC, I had to install manually the package lxc, then to migrate the config manually (from LXC 2 to 3, I presume).

Can you please better describe your setup you had on 3.x? Better even by sending backup of 3.x config to support and diagnostics from 5.1? Problems you are having are not common. It can either mean unfinished update or some sort of unexpected configuration.

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