Might have a dead TO? Definitely on the ICU critical list

After a long search on internet and TO-forums I could not find any thing close to this problem. So I have decided to post it and see what it churns and boils up.

Background info:
I had an update successfully make it past the many UPDATE FAILURES I get due to “DNS not resolving” problems at my remote site (100 miles away) This was Thursday night . I got the restart needed message(e-mail) and I vpn-ssh’ed-logged in and found the first weirdness. The FORTIS(S) did not have the usual “I updated this with XYZ” messages yet the summarized e-mail version was sent to me with them??? What I was doing seemed more important so I rebooted early. Couple of hours later I get a second “changes made,reboot required” again(e-mail that is). This time no reason was given at all in e-mail or Fortis(s). lUCI was no help either. Ran a message system diagnostic and it came out clean. Rebooted as requested.
Friday Evening/Night I get a second restart message(e-mail) changes made. Looked at summarized e-mail and seen all the kmod listing and to what. Vpn-ssh’ed-logged in again and once again no formal log on Fortis(s), LUCI was no help but rebooted early as requested and went my merry way again. Couple hours later second “changes made reboot needed to implement”. vpn-ssh’ed-logged in again no reason given just “changes made”, so I complied.
At this time I stayed ssh’ed in and soon noticed sluggishness and poor response (about 10:30 my time) by 10:35 I knew something was wrong. Tried to log into LUCI but it was taking forever, and just little spurts of screen updates popping up and finally the login process error-ed out. Same with FORTIS(s) Tried again and was locked out. Always said invalid account or password and simply would not let me in. Tried various things like, shutdown vpn and restart it, no help. Tried to get to reboot devices on the router and login process was a few letters every 30 seconds and then login would time out. by 10:45 getting messages from home automation devices were going off line. Final blow 10:50 pm heating thermostats and video door bell announced off line. I was dead. No VPN, No IPADDRES login to devices. Now just to add confusion to already impossible situation, I can still successfully ping the WAN IPaddress???
Weekend tech support for ISP could not do anything for me so I had family go to house and look in on it. Found OMNIA with only the rightmost LED (B) on (no others) and BLUE for about 3 seconds then 5 orange/red flashes(BEEP), back to BLUE 3 sec 5 orange/red flashes(BEEP) and so on, forever, ad nauseam. Pulled plug and rebooted it but it came back doing exactly as listed above.

Has anyone seen this before???

What is this error code coming from and telling me, so I know how to be prepared or what to be prepared for when I go up there to deal with this in person.

Thanks in advance
Idaho Kid.

This indicates a serious HW problem on the board. One of the power supply rails is down.

Thanks hagrid

That helps a lot. I will study schematics and take some components up with me and I will see if I can repair it. I can handle this kind of a problem better, verses something like eMMC problems, ect.

Thanks again.
Idaho Kid

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