Memory problems with transmission


I have found a “problem” using Transmission in my MOX

Usually I have about 60-70% free memory (in my 1 GB Ram)

But we use transmission the free memory decrease very fast until near zero… and it doesn’t recovered it until a reboot

Is it normal?

Working in my ASUS router (512mb) with transmission, the memory decreased to 50% but it recovered it when the upload/download finished.

It is normal and not a problem. It’s rather unfortunate that these indicators in luci don’t show what people want to see. There have been multiple threads on this, e.g. Too much RAM eaten

Thank you very much for the answer although I am not calmer.

I understand a drop like this in a week but in two hours down from 68% to 2% still seems strange / worrisome :woozy_face:

Would it be advisable to reset periodically or do not mind working with so little free RAM? Wouldn’t such RAM be released automatically?

It doesn’t seem you really understand. Luci doesn’t show “available memory” statistics, which is what people naturally consider as free memory. It’s most likely that your memory is just fine; it’s just not possible to determine that from that page alone.

From tools available in Turris packages, I’d probably use htop, from inside ssh to the router.

Thanks :upside_down_face: