Medkit for TOS3.x

I am not able to find in documentation link for downloading medkit for latest TOS3.x. In documentation is mentioned, but it point to TOS4.

I am currently on TOS4.x, but as it is missing m,any featutes I would like to go back to 3.

Btw. with existence TOS3.x and TOS4.x and also Mox documentatuion is one big mess as it is not clear for which version of TOS or HW it is related.

You can find all 3.x versions here:

The current 3.x version is 3.11.8 and its medkit is here:

MOX can run only TOS 4.x, Omnia can run both version series and Turris 1.x can run only TOS 3.x for now.