Mdadm package seriously outdated!


Online? Like providing servers? I don’t know about any project doing something like that for their contributors.
But bootstrapping build environment is easy enough if you have Linux machine. Either use Vagrant or Docker. In case of docker you don’t even have to compile it, it’s already compiled on docker hub (kind of older version but I am working on updating that). If you don’t have Linux machine then I would suggest using some vps for short amount of time (for example DO bills by minute if I remember correctly).


Tricky part is how OpenWRT is developed with feeds. So you can either get all new packages or none. Or you have to backport individual packages. Trouble is that if you pull a new packages feed, plenty of packages will no longer work. That is the reason we are trying to focus on rebasing on newer OpenWRT release that will hopefully come soon and with new release model OpenWRT is adopting it will hopefully work better in the future. The best way would be to improve OpenWRT build system to support multiple versions of packages and track what builds where like OpenEmbedded does, but that would be tremendous amount of work. So we have high hopes for 4.0 - based on to be released OpenWRT and we will see how it will work.

Plan we shared somewhere was this year. There is high degree of uncertainty on how migration will work out and what will break and also not yet well known pile of MOX work.


mdadm was updated to version 4.0 in Turris OS 3.11.