Matching 2GB Ram Perk with Omnia Turris Perk

This is just a brief question since I received a confimration email for the Turris Omnia + T-Shir - early bird but not for the 2GB RAM upgrade I bought as well.

Is this intentional or does this imply some issue?

Thanks for clarifying.

Don’t worry about it, they said that they’re going to match our “orders” together at a later point.


Do you mean you didn’t get “Contribution Confirmation” email from Indiegogo for the 2GB RAM upgrade? I got one, so if you didn’t get one, maybe you should contact Indiegogo.

I didn’t get it for RAM upgrade. Got it only for Turris Omnia

As long as you can see your perks when checking your Indiegogo account, you should be fine.


i got an email with the confirmation that i bought the 2GB Uograde Perk, but i bought it when the campaign was still live… Maybe there is a a difference…

I was asking same thing here:

In the end, I created account on Indiegogo, to help campaign owners with matching.
But I do have same opinion as M4x in my topic - as long as you use same email address, you should be good.
I also got 2 confirmation mails - 1 for router itself, 1 for RAM upgrade.


Probably it’s all about an different “confirmation” mail…

I ordered (during the active time of the campaign) the Router and the RAM upgrade without an indiegogo account using the same email address. Directly after the purchases I got confirmation mails from Indiegogo. Then a few days ago, I recieved an other Indiegogo mail that the campaign ended successfully and the next step is, that the campaign team should be in touch about the status of my perk - and only the router was listed. I assume it’s because only items to be shipped are listed there and not the upgrade…


Yes, that is correct, I also got confirmation only about router, not RAM perk. I guess that’s how “system” works.


I would like to change my contribution from “Turris + T-Shirt: $189” to “Turris no WiFi + RAM upgrade: $139 + $49 = $188”. I don’t want the dollar back of course, but changing to lower perk was not possible. I asked in the Comments section but without any response. Any experience with swapping perks?

I swapped on the Indiegogo site from no wifi to wifi without difficulty after the close of the campaign. It cost more than if I had decided on that prior to close by around $30. If the change is not available at the Indiegogo site send their support folks an email maybe?