Mapping attached USB drive on Turris

The drive is mounted.

The share is created as “Turris-Nas” with a path of “\mnt\usb-ntsf”

But I cannot map the drive from a computer.

I have tried \Turris\Turris-Nas and many other combinations of servers and share names. Am I missing something?

Thanks, Carl,

Try /mnt/usb-ntfs in Path instead of \mnt\usb-ntfs.

I have had the same problem. I was missing smb.conf file, I had to create it manually. Then restart samba service.

And you didnt post entire samba config, but I suggest using IP address as hostname, because by default the hostname is openwrt or something similar I think.

Thanks White, after changing the back slashes to front slashes, I was able to map the drive with “\\turris\Turris-Nas” and it worked. I had already copied the the “smb.conf.template” as “smb.conf” and restarted Samba, but what worked was the front slash in the Network Share “Path” statement.

Appreciate the quick reply.