Manually run after every reboot - SOLVED

Hello all!

Now that I finally figured out the problem with IPTV (and I will write up what finally fixed it all for me)
I want to fix another issue I’ve been having since I started messing with the IPTV stuff…
The problem I have is that everytime I reboot the router I have the SSH in to it and manually run
If I do not perform this task it will not run the crontabs, and the webinterface won’t be accesable.
I have no idea what caused this issue, but I can remember having it for weeks, even before I started messing with IPTV.
I have used a medkit (reflash) somwhere and after the problem still persists.

Does anyone know if there’s any log to check for errors? maybe it’s a known problem?
I did find many problems on the forums with, but none seem to be the same as mine.
I also found some problems with luci not working, but they all required a restart of the lighttpd service, for me the restart doesn’t do a thing, unless I already ran the script

As always, any and all help is very much appreciated!

When you have issues with updater, you might want to use FORIS interface and check UPDATER section there. Disable/Enable that with following reboot should bring updater back online…

Correspond UCI/LUCI config file … /etc/config/updater compare it against /etc/config/updater-opkg
Also check if you have enabled updater service … /etc/init.d/updater enable
Also you might want to check cron.d file for updater … /etc/cron.d/updater

There are two scripts: /etc/updater (updater itself) , /etc/ (it is used to ensure, there is no any other update process running-stucked …)

Note: there was migration from updater to updater-ng (as part of system update 3.3)

/etc/config/updater-opkg doesn’t exist on my system

/etc/cron.d/updater contains:
44 5,17 * * * root /usr/bin/ >/dev/null 2>&1 &
0 0 * * * root /usr/bin/ >/dev/null 2>&1

Where can I see if I am correctly migrated to updater-ng?

Could it be that invalid configuration files /etc/config are preventing the services to start after reboot? If you have hand edited files in /etc/config please try to restore them to the original state and remove any files or directories that you have added to that directory.

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Run command “uci show >/dev/null”. If that prints “uci: Parse error (invalid command) at line 1, byte 0” then you have invalid files in /etc/config directory.

You can go to FORIS web-ui, to updater tab and make you selection of software lists. That will/should produce correct uci config for updater.

So it works out I have some invalid config file(s)
I’ll try to figure out which (starting with igmpproxy)

Ok, I’m not sure what I did differently from my last reflash…
I did a complete clean flash and build the configs from the ground up.
It works now.
Thanks for your time and help!