Make the Omnia PoE-ready

I know this has been already discoursed and the result is that it would be too expensive to add any PoE features to the Omnia. Plus there are lots of variants how to do it and everybody would like something else – should be Omnia PSE or PD or both, should it utilize 802.3af/at standard or something „passive“, in the latter case, what voltage should be used, etc.

On the other hand, I think it would be very nice and cheap, to make the Omnia PoE-ready with just a slight change of the wiring. See this comparsion:

(source: AN-1408 Designing Power Over Ethernet Using LM5070 and DP83865 )

If there were four additional capacitors per port like on the picture on the right side and the central taps of the transformers were connected to a (not necessarily populated) pin header, there could be room for attaching additional PoE module later without having to make cuts to the Omnia board. This way, the customer would be able to attach a PoE extractor or injector that would suit his own personal needs. I think this change would not affect other features of Omnia by any mean and the increase of price would be minimal.

I hope it’s not too late to consider such change.


yeah i’d gladly pay $300 for just a PoE capable Omnia… didn’t know the modifications would be that simple…

i understand why consumer routers don’t have PoE: they’re usually the only network device (AP,router,switch) a household needs, attaching desktops, notebooks, printers & maybe a nas. i.e. devices that can’t be powered using poe anyways. but i hope that’s not how most people intend to use the omnia…

i for one will be using it with a unifi poe switch & 3 unifi ac ap’s. i guess it’s too late now to add to the omnia, so i’ll go the super ugly route of using a $30 GbE PoE .at to 12V splitter/transformer to power the omnia…
for this i will proably drill holes in the omnia case, so i can stuff the adapter inside the omnia… ugh

sadly as can be seen here (lack of replies) there is just zero demand for PoE…

I agree, +1 for the PoE

PoE input is not that useful if you start to use SFP for WAN. Power over fiber is not that simple.

802.3af/at PoE output on the LAN ports is something different though. It would be nice to have this but delivering up to 150W combined on the 5 LAN ports is a different beast.

Passive PoE is something i do not consider as a solution.

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