Majordomo says "No data available"

Hi there, this week I tried to enable the majordomo package. After the installation it shows fine in LuCI, but when I go to LuCI -> Statistics -> Majordomo it just says “No data available”

I also have no majordomo_db folder in my /tmp directory (the manual says it should be there by default ->

the only majordomo related file i can find in /tmp is this one:

root@turris:/tmp# ls -lh | grep -i domo
-rw-r--r--    1 root     root        3.1M Mar 15 23:45 ucollect_majordomo

What am I missing?


I also experience the same issue.
My current /tmp directory no longer contains majordomo_db.

This module was working fine historically. I wonder if recent 3.6 update introduced some changes.

NOTE: UI user with limited cmd knowledge.

Thank you.

I installed the 3.6.1 update yesterday and now it’s working (again). :slight_smile:

Confirm as well. Upon manual execution of /usr/bin/, majordomo is collecting again.