Majordomo overview only list clients by Mac-Address - Would like to also see Hostname and current IP if any

I just installed Majordomo for the first time using the Maintenance page - surprisingly this caused some sort of crash on the Turnis Omnia, so the internal web-interface was not longer available, and I had to perform a power-cycle.
Following this, everything seems to work as expected - with one exception:
The Client’s on the overview page are not listed by name, but rather by MAC-Address (such as xx:xx:xx:xx:xx:xx (Apple, Inc.) ), making it hard to easily identify the specific computer.

I’m already using the MAC-Address to set a specific IP using DHCP, so luckily I can relative easy look up the clients, but I really would like the client list to use the hostname (And perhaps the current IP?) of the device.

As far as I can understand from the Majordomo howto page, the MAC-Addresses should be translated using a local database, so I’m wondering why it’s not working for me - perhaps related to the install crash?

Majordomo is abandoned and will be replaced by something new.

What I understand from this reply:

In my experience what I had with Omnia usually it doesnt resolve DNS. Maybe it is fixed, but idk.

Majordomo has its own database (MAC adress and name of PC) on the site with its settings. Unfortunately, he does not receive information from DHCP. These must be filled in manually.

I have also issue with Majordomo (Does Majordomo log traffic for blocked IP/devices?) - do you know with what will be Majordomo replaced or what should I use instead of it now?

You can look here :slight_smile:

Thank you all for your answers.

Too bad Majordomo is no longer maintained, but I guess the good part of it is that I don’t have to fight with the DNS.

I’m looking forward to see what other package will come it it’s place.