Major WIFI Problem: 5Ghz Channel not setting right or at all

I ran up inssider to check for update. Discovered 5Ghz on Ch 36. The channel had changed all by itself. Try to set it back. Luci controls are grayed but could changes values. What I select isn’t whats applied or there is not broadcast at all. Same deal from FOSI.

This was all working fine on deployment of the router. Did a recent update push mess this all up???

I got back to my original channel selection. No idea quite how. The channel selection controls don’t seem to be working right like did when I deployed the router 1.5weeks ago.

You don’t know how to use the edit button, or just like talk to yourself? :smile_cat:

If the firmware on the 5GHz card detects radar or something else than WLAN traffic on the same channel that the card is using it will switch to another channel regardless of your settings as required by official regulators.