LXC - No containers available yet

Hi Guys,

I’ve seen similar threads about creating containers, but nothing about existing ones. Since the update (presumably, I don’t check them all that often), my LXC containers won’t run. I’ve verified that they’re still there in /srv/lxc, but LUCI tells me “There are no containers available yet.” Is there an (easy) fix?


I have the same problem. I have 2 Ubuntu containers, one with Pi-hole and another with Nextcloud, that i can stop fine, but when i try to start them with lxc-start or even reboot them with lxc-stop -n container -r, they just hang there, doing nothing and slow down the system to a crawl. When I go to Luci lxc-containers to check the containers, it’s empty, as if i had no containers. Rebooting the turris omnia starts the containers just fine, and the system will start to work as expected, until you try to restart a container again.

So no input from the team? I guess we’re just out of luck that our LXC containers just stopped working after an update?

I have to admit, I had high hopes for this router, but there have been disappointed in several respects.