Lxc-destroy not found

How I can remove my lxc containers? LuCI don’t show my containers. And I can’t create new Containers over LuCI. I don’t know why.

Anyway. Now I use CLI to create new LXC Container. lxc-start, lxc-attach works fine. But When I try to remove LXC Container then I only get the error message “-ash: lxc-destroy: not found”.

What I do wrong?

LuCI gui for lxc is still broken.
You can manually remove the container by removing folder at /srv/lxc/ and the auto-start entry from /etc/config/lxc-auto

I’d like to correct you.

Installing LXC containers via LuCI will be fixed in 3.9.6, which is currently in RC and mention about it you can find here in some other threads and also we have it in Errata.
Anyway, it was written in our documentation, which we changed it recently to be up to date.

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I believe that lxc CLI commands are standalone packages that you can install one by one (like lxc-start, lxc-attach, lxc-info and others).
So if you need i.e. lxc-destroy, try to install it via opkg.
I had to recently install my TO from scratch and lxc commands were missing completely, had to install them manually…

That’s correct behavior. Not all software is available from scratch as we have it explained in our documentation, which I posted in my last post you can see that you need to go to administration interface called Foris in Updater tab you can find package lists, where you can choose LXC utilities.

I can confirm that lxc-destroy needs to be installed manually (opkg update; opkg install lxc-destroy).

FWIW, I also had to install lxc-clone, but my LXC store is mounted on an BTRFS file system.

LXC and BTRFS are life-changing.

For anyone reading here who does not know better - do not leave your LXC store on TOs own internal storage (eMMC) - external storage (mPCIe) is the way to go.

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Thanks. I could install lxc-destroy and remove all my old containers. :grinning:

…and I’m excited about the reaction here. Very great community.