LXC containers - nothing happens

Hey all! I’m trying to reflash my router following these instructions here:


…yes, I downloaded the latest version from https://repo.turris.cz/omnia/medkit/omnia-medkit-latest.tar.gz
…also yes, I renamed the omnia-medkit-latest.tar.gz to omnia-medkit-last.tar.gz
…and yes, I used a Fat32 formatted USB drive
…yes, I can see the USB mounted correctly in LuCI
…yes, I was careful to keep the reset button pressed until led #3 lit up (4 LEDs - #0, #1, #2 & #3)

Did I missed something so far? - question #1

The process is pretty straight forward really, everything went smoothly, LEDs turned green, and then they turned red, as the documentation states. My USB drive has a small LED light that shows when it’s been read, it also blinked a couple of times… but then…

It just stayed fixed, all LEDs on the router are lit red, it’s been 4 hours now and it remains the same.

How long does it take to reflash the router, all I could find in the Wiki is that it takes a long time, but how long is a long time? - question #2

For all of you wondering, I decided to reflash the router after I found no solution (documented or posted here) for problems with LuCI and the LXC containers installation, also I couldn’t make it work when I tried to create the containers manually. I did it all… uninstall and install again LXC utilities packages, templates, checked and double checked config files, logs… etc… The documentation says, there is a default VM ready (out-of-the-box) for testing, couldn’t find it… but I’ll leave this quiet for another post. Lets solve the reflashing first!

For the record, I’m running Turris OS Version 3.8.6

Any help is greatly appreciated!

My last reflash took about 4 minutes.

I’m not sure if you understand it our documentation very well, but you need to have 4 LEDs lit up (power, 0, 1, 2) as you can see also on our video:

I think you entered rescue shell mode that’s why you are waiting so long.

I don’t think you need in this case re-flash router with the latest version (which you have), but that was your decision.

Which problems do you have with LuCI or the LXC containers? Currently I didn’t setup connection to Omnia, which I have at work, but in LuCI (tab LXC) there should be list of available OS, which you can run them in LXC. You don’t have them there?

Hi @Pepe, thanks for the clarification… indeed in the documentation here:


It is mentioned there are 12 LEDs, but nowhere it is clearly specified that for the reset modes, the power led counts as #1

And thanks for the video, perhaps it is a good idea to link the youtube channel in the wiki docs as well.

Anyways, the process completed successfully in a few minutes without issues! Thanks!!!

Now on to the LXC issues…: With a fresh installation, in the website, under features > Virtual Servers, it says “…Because Turris Omnia has enough power and RAM, we decided to add support for virtualization into the core system and even set a default virtual machine up in the factory setup…” Is that VM supposed to be already created out-of-the-box? Where is it?

Following this doc:


And after updating and installing the LXC packages, when I go to LuCI > Services > LXC Containers, under Create new container > input a name, select the OS and hit Create… nothing happens.

What might be the problem?

Hello again,
please can you be more clear, where I can find quoted text? I can’t find it. I tried to look at both administration interfaces (Foris and LuCI) and even I looked at Turris.cz and still nothing.

This is what we have in our datasheet:

LXC virtualization
Virtualization is a common feature on modern servers. It helps
organize software, adds new features, improves security by splitting
important and less important systems, etc. Because Turris
Omnia has enough power and RAM, we decided to add support
for virtualization into the core system and prepared several
virtual machines for easy download and setup. The virtual server
serves as a normal LAN connected computer and you can run
any Linux you want on it - even Ubuntu or Debian. This makes
experimentation with new software extra simple and safe.

Let’s back to again your issue with creating LXC containers in LuCI.
Because as I told you I can’t test it now.

Can I know which OS are you trying to install or do you have in name space? If yes, then remove it.

Yes, let’s get to it… No, the name has no spaces, I tried to name the container “C1” and the OS “Ubuntu Artful” that’s it…

It seems really weird. When you click on create button there should be loading and after loading nothing happens is that right? Can you wait for a while and then press F5 for refresh? It takes a while to download the image and unzip it.

Or can you try create LXC container via SSH?

Hello all,

I have just tested and it looks like the creation from web interface is not working for me as well.
Otherwise the LXC containers that are created by SSH are working just fine.

For me it doesn’t matter, I prefer SSH and text configs, but just for information that the GUI is maybe really not working.

Hey @Weafyr indeed there is something off with the web interface, tried to create the container from different browsers, cleaned cache, waited and refreshed, same result… nothing happened.

Then tried via SSH…and it worked… For the record, before the re-flash it wasn’t working.

So thanks for your time… still pending the LuCI LXC creation issue that remains unresolved.

Hi guys,
thank you for letting us know.

We’re aware of this issue. We will try to fix, but there is no ETA currently (My guess is that we will release fix as part of minor release, which should be labeled 3.9.x).

As you said as workaround you can install it via SSH.

If there would be update on this case I will let you know.

Hi Pepe, I’d noticed in quite a number of your posts of late that when you are answering to some questions/problems you are using pluralis maiestaticus “we”… Does it mean that you are now part of Omnia team?


thank you for your answer. I was thinking what I should write you or if this is belongs to this thread.

I think you (and also others on this forum) deserve answers or details about it. I thought there would be some announcement, because there was internal newsletter, which included details, who recently joined CZ.NIC.
(Hopefully there isn’t something wrong that I wrote that.)

And answer to your’s question is yes. Since 1st December I’m working at CZ.NIC as support for Turris routers (not only Omnia). :slight_smile:

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Thanks for answer & congrats to both you and us to joining CZ.NIC team!