LXC container bridge to the WAN interface


Does anyone know how to set up a bridge for LXC container interface with the turris WAN interface. I have more public IP’s from the ISP and I want to set one directly on a Debian I have in LXC container, … Thanks a lot.

Víte někdo jak nastavit LXC containeru interface tak, aby bl jako bridge k WAN interfacu na turrisu? Jde mi o to ze mam vice verejnych a chtel bych tu jednu dostat primo na debian v LXC containeru, … Diky

Maybe Firewall settings at: ?
I’ve setup port forwarding for WAN → LXC container using New port forward at Here is how it looks like on my side:

Hello Damien, thank you, but this is not what I’m looking for. I know how to use port forward. I’m searching for the way how to utilize another public IP I have available. If not possible to bridge the WAN co LXC container, than I would like to try to create a sub-interface which will obtain from ISP another IP from DHCP. But for that I need this subint to have different MAC. Anyway I have no idea how to achieve it on turris as I’m no a linux guy.

I’ve tried to create another WAN2 interface (attach it to eth1) but that was obviously wrong way :frowning:

ok man :slight_smile: Good luck.