LXC & Collectd bugs

I would like to ask about status of LXC in LuCI.
Where is the problem? Can we expect fix?
I do not actually find this to be very high priority issue there is no problem to set it via CLI.

I am actually interested in collectd, there were words about plans to have more from LEDE in Turris.
I see PaKon is what is priority now, but collectd is one of more interesting parts of OPENWRT that many would like to see working fully.

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LXC in general is working but you have to create the containers over ssh first with
lxc-create -t download -n <container_name>
After that it can also be managed via LuCI

There is also a small problem when shutting down a container with lxc-stop: `lxc-stop -n <container>` takes too long
Shutdown from LuCI or from inside the container works though.


In a new release, which we’re preparing there is a fix for installing LXC containers in LuCI.
Keep in mind that we recommend using LXC containers on external storage (like USB stick or HDD/SSD) and we’re rewriting the article about LXC containers, which you can find in our documentation.

I am afraid that collectd doesn’t have high priority for us right now and it will be fixed in Turris OS 4.0.

// EDIT: I almost forget… Recently we were forced to change tarball for Alpine Linux.
Details can be find here: https://doc.turris.cz/doc/en/public/lxc_alpine