Luci statistics not creating data for openvpn plugin

I enabled the openvpn not too long ago and as I run luci-statistics, I wanted to start gathering statistics on it.

First, I had to create an entry for /etc/config/luci_statistics:

config openvpn 'collectd_openvpn'
        option enable '1'
        list StatusFile '/tmp/openvpn-status.log'

Unless I did that looking at the Statistics|Setup|Network Plugins|OpenVPN showed nothing between the “OpenVPN Plugin Configuration” and the “Save & Apply” … button bar.

Once set the config file, stopped /etc/init.d/luci_statistics and /etc/init.d/collectd then restarted them, then I saw the Configuration options.

I set the options, then hit “Save & Apply”. However, no new directory shows up in my data area and no graph link shows up either.

If I create the directory by hand, it remains empty, but I do get an OpenVPN graph page with broken images instead of graphs.

I’ve tried all the tricks I know to get this to start, but I’m feeling kind of lost at this point.

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OK. I learned some things.

I either forgot this since my last attempt at troubleshooting collectd, but there are some command line options. I ended up using -T which allowed me to Test plugin read and exit. I stopped /etc/init.d/collectd to check, and ran /usr/sbin/collectd -T

I made some adjustments and it now appears to be collecting data, but the graphs still aren’t working. I’ll work on that next.

It ended up creating an openvpn-<name_of_VPN> data directory rather than nesting things within an openvpn directory.

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