Luci and Foris display time inconsistently

When I set up my Omnia router I entered my local timezone in the setup wizard. In Foris, under “Region & Time” the correct timezone setting is displayed and the correct time for this zone is displayed. But snapshots and update notifications are labled with UTC.

Luci is even weirder. Under status>overview, the correct local time is displayed. But under system>system, where the timezone can be set, UTC time is displayed even though the “Timezone” section on the same page shows that it is set to my local zone. Also the system logs in Luci are all recorded in UTC.

I see in /etc/config/system that “option timezone” is set to UTC, but “option zonename” is set to my local time zone.

It looks like from the Openwrt wiki that setting “zonename” should be sufficient to set the local time for the router. Or should “timezone” also be set to my local time zone.

In the end, having the system diplay the time one way in one place and another way elsewhere seems weird. Is this normal behavior? A bug? Should I just change the timezone setting in /etc/config/system, to be the same as the zonename setting in the same config file? For that matter, why are there two different timezone setting options (“timezone” and “zonename”) in /etc/config/system?

I searched around the Openwrt forums some and it seems like you are supposed to set both the timezone and zonename settings, in /etc/config/system, to your local time (even though the Openwrt wiki is very confusing on the topic).

So I did that and it made no difference. Time is still displayed differently in different places, both in reForis and Luci. It makes all the less sense in Luci, under system>system, because the time displayed is labeled “local time,” but in fact what is displayed is UTC.

I can’t figure out where else there are settings related to time. It seems like this is a bug. I don’t know if it’s a bug in Openwrt or in TurrisOS.

This problem has been with us for years

Still no solution though…

Thanks for the reply. Its a bit confusing, that forum thread leads to a bug report, which was closed in March, 2018 saying it was fixed.

There there is another thread:

And that ends linking to this bug report, which was closed one year ago, saying it is an upstream issue with busybox.

So I’m not sure what the status is. The issue clearly was not fixed in 2018, since I still have it. But also the two bug reports aren’t even consistent with each other, one saying the bug was fixed the other saying it’s not Turris’ problem, but rather it’s an upstream problem with busybox.