LTE kit for Turris MOX?

I want to upgrade my MOX Classic with an LTE modem and searched for the suitable parts but there’s little information available.

For the Omnia, complete Kits with external antennas are sold:

Does that also work for the MOX (with drilling holes), or are there better solutions?

I found a page with (hardware) installation instructions for the Omnia in Czech here Instalace LTE modemu do routeru Turris Omnia [Turris wiki] and the FAQ recommends the Quectel EP06: FAQ - Turris Documentation


The modem would work in the mPCIe module as well. On the other hand, it may heat a bit, but the heat sink won’t fit in MOX (nor would effectively pass the heat to the plastic case. This way, if you wish to use it with a cooler, you can search for the kind of one similar to the one on a chip on MOX A module.