Lte connectors for extension cable

Hi, I need to order an external LTE antenna and cable for turris omnia.
Could you please inform me if 2 SMA male connectors on the extension cable would fit the 2 connectors on turris omnia?

Thank you

Is it so difficult to inform me on the connectors?
I expect that you have ordered the pigtails. So what type of connectors is it going to be on the pigtails? SMA female? N female? or what?
Please cz.nic team, respond to my request.

Since you are starting production, can you answer my question regarding the connectors?

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Cz.nic’s people sometimes comment things here but I have impression they are not actively following discussions here. Discussions here are mainly between the backers. It would nice if cz.nic’s people would participate more.

Sorry for taking so long to answer. The two pigtails for the LTE modem are U.FL-SMA.

The original antennas in the LTE extension pack are LTE SMA and the LTE modem included is Quectel EC20. These parts can be bought in almost every e-shop.

Thank you for your answer. Still the answer is not full.
Should I consider that the SMA connector is female?

Depends on the definition of male and female with SMA and RP-SMA. The router will probably simply be the “bolt” part just like any WiFi connector at a router.