Loose nuts and screws in router, how to get in contact with turris?


I received my unit a few weeks ago and when i had the opportunit y to unbox it i immediately heard that something was loose within the unit. following the instructions on how to open the unit (from the loose nut issue) i found out that there was a loose screw and nut inside the unit. (and by comparing with other photos a hole without screw and nut on the PCB).

The hole in the PCB seems dislocated as compared to the hole in the housing. The screw seemed very short in comparison to the nut.

After emailing a few pictures to info@turris.cz without response i now try the forums.

Should i try to start up the router despite this deficiency ? (i have not ventured to do that yet)
How do i get in contact with the company in order to get a replacement unit ?
best regards Pontus

Next time try to search first (but they should answer your email of course)

But from what you wrote you got different problem, right?

Yep different problem

a screw and nut that fastens the PCB onto the (guesswise as i have not disassembled the unit more) housing.

I will try to attach a photo

I am worried that the loose parts in the housing has somewhat destroyed the PCB or components on the PCB during the long transport through europe.

On a sidenote - the antenna nuts were loose but not completely off, as compared to the PCB-screw and nut that was completely untangled.

Although not impossible, I would say it’s quite improbable that a small loose screw inside the enclosure would damage the board. I would say go ahead and start up the router - you need to know first if it’s broken anyway before possibly returning it.
And by the way, my copy also had one PCB mounting screw not completely tight, the PCB was rattling in the case.

As I can see the picture - it seems to be a spacer and screw for fastening the miniPCIe card - if you look - you have one spacer a screw ready on the board and next to there is a free hole for the second spacer. So if you don’t plan to use 3rd miniPCIe card ( LTE modem, mSATA HDD … ) you will not need it …

You should find 2 screws, a distance bolt and a small platic washer. one screw and the washer are probably under the board. You should first check under the board, the screw could possibly create a short circuit somewhere.