Looking for Expert for (paid) connection of 2 WAN sources in one Turris Omnia router

Hi all, we are a little Czech Family company and actually we us a local wireless Network (DobNet) for connecting to the internet. As this service is not specially fast and sometimes we have black outs, which are very bad as we work a lot with SaaS/Cloud based SW, we would like to connect a second Internet connection (LTE) which we go from Vodafone for “free” with our mobile phone tariff.
I read earlier that this is basically possible and could not only increase the reliability, but also the speed of our internet. But it is not as easy, both form the hardware, but also form the software side. We are definitely NOT experts, I can configure some basics on the router but definitely no idea about WIRT and other exotic names.
So we are looking for somebody who is able to offer you this solution as a paid service, including the necessary hardware. We are located near Prague 30 min. from downtown.

Thanks a lot for every help!:grinning:


This what I think you wanted to achieve is (almost) not possible. You cannot use two internet connections at the same time for now. [There is project multipath-tcp working on it but not yet part of the vanilla kernel - so we have to wait for that to happen]. But you can use smart backup connection in case one is not working.

If you asked for free service (advice?) I would help. But here is a good lecture to start:

And do you want to pay again if there is something wrong?! I suggest you learn how to do stuff on your own instead.

I Think You Are looking for this: https://doc.turris.cz/doc/cs/howto/multiwan

Synology routers has this feature see https://www.synology.com/en-global/knowledgebase/SRM/help/SRM/RouterApp/internet_smartwan#t1a

The kind of setup you are looking for can relatively easily be realized using mwan3, which does iptables-based NAT with priorities based on the settings you make. I have two internet connections on my Omnia (Vodafone cable and DTAG DSL) and the device dynamically uses the one or the other connection if both are available. If either of them fails, the routing policy is automatically switched to “the working one only”.

Does anybody in your family or office happen to speak German? I wrote an article about this in the German Linux-Magazin. :slight_smile:

Hallo Martin
Vielen Dank für Deine Antwort. Ich verstehe Deutsch, ist meine Muttersprache (naja Schweizer…). Gerne würde ich den Artikel bekommen. Allerdings habe ich von Linux wirklich Null Ahnung.

Vielen Dank im Voraus!


(let’s stick to English out of politeness for the other forum participants …)

Where in the Czech republic are you located? :slight_smile:

This is sweet: https://www.linux-magazin.de/ausgaben/2019/02/redundantes-internet/ which currently requires a small payment, but is promised to be freely available around December 2019 (did not know that Linux Magazine had such a decent policy)…

Should have mentioned, this links to @madkiss article in German…

Hi, Near Prague, Dobřichovice!

That’s my article, yes :slight_smile:

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And do you already have an Omnia? mwan3 works with any OpenWRT capable device, but most plastic routers on the market do not offer all chipset functionality when on OpenWRT, i.e. stuff is slow.

Yes I do have one since 2 years. We actually have both WAN with Ethernet connections arriving at the Omnia as Vodafone installed an Antenna with a LTE router, , so I probably do not need to change any hardware?

But I am a bit afraid of all the programming stuff, as I would have no idea at all, what I do

Like I said smartwan, multiwan, and mwan3 are alternatives to the same thing. Load balancing. But you don’t really use the two or more connections at the same time. Just switch between them in smart manner. Actually I am looking forward using such a setup on my Omnia in the near future. As a transition proccess between two ISP’s.

Sorry for the delay. As I wrote earlier, I would need professional help with this. The connection is life and must be surely work. Any idea how to proceed?

I can probably do the setup for you, but i’d prefer to not do it for money and document it publicly instead so that it serves as a guide to others. And we’d have to find a way to do the actual work.


This would be very good, I can set up a normal Router for emergency use and maybe you would accept a couple of beers once visiting Prague. But please be aware, that I am absolute amateur on Linux. Of course you can connect by Teamviewer to my desktop.