Longterm support and buying advise


I’m planning to buy Turris Omnia router, but I have few questions before I do:

  1. How often is the router software updated?
  2. How long are you planning to support this hardware (especially with new MOX soon on sale)?

Thank you


For the update frequency, have a look at this tag in the forum: https://forum.test.turris.cz/tags/release

Also, new Turris OS 4 will be released for Turris Omnia, too:

Even if Turris Team would stop supporting Turris Omnia its basic functionality is covered by upstream OpenWRT (Currently there is no LED and SFP support upstream but at least SFP-support is going to be pushed upstream, see link above for details) (search forum here and OpenWRT Docs).

Upstream OpenWRT doesn’t include foris, updater, btrfs (schnapps) and everything else turris-specific of course…

Thank you! In the Alpha release note is mentioned Turris 1.0 and 1.1. What are those? Is it hardware version? What is the latest one and should I look for latest version when buying the router?

That’s older project that was before Omnia. And mostly distributed only in CZ.

I think you should look for Turris omnia either 1Gb or 2Gb of RAM version.
And the alpha release of TurrisOS 4.x series is for testing purposes only for now.
There are several development branches supported on Omnia. Depends if you want more stable or newer. Here is more info https://doc.turris.cz/doc/en/howto/release_candidate


  1. How often is the router software updated?

You can check it in our documentation, where we release changelogs for Turris OS 3.x. The upcoming version of Turris OS 4.x is not there for now.
There is also subreddit, where I put changelogs, you can check it here, but don’t take it please like our official channel.

  1. How long are you planning to support this hardware (especially with new MOX soon on sale)?

As you have found, there is also Turris 1.0, Turris 1.1 and there was distributed to Czech people as it was already said. Both of them got to users in 2014 and they’re still supported. We didn’t stop producing Turris Omnia routers. :slight_smile: These days we’re heavily cooperating with upstream (OpenWrt).


Does this imply that at some point soon the vanilla OpenWRT will have access to all the Turris Omnia hardware? VLANs, SFP, all cpu cores, etc?

Not sure, what’s wrong about VLANs, but LEDs are work in progress as they’re a little bit complicated and we would need to polish it and even maybe to rewrite it all again, so it will be accepted to upstream as they’re something about LED microcontroller and we need to use some standardized driver. If you’re interested in details about LED and SFP, we have already told it in this thread. You can use all CPU cores even in vanila OpenWrt, but I think you mean DSA and the 2nd CPU switch. What does it mean?

However, we’d like to and we will see how it goes. I cannot promise you it, but let’s see.

Thx for replying. The OpenWRT page states that the following features are not supported: SFP-copper PHY switching, RGB LED, secondary CPU uplink to switch, and VLANs on LAN ports. I assumed that the VLANs just do not work.