Location to purchase hardware in US?

Hello! New to the forum and trying to get myself the 2gb version of the wireless Turris Omnia. The only place I can find to purchase that will ship to the US is discomp.cz, unfortunately their purchase has declined 3 of my cards with no good reason.

Anyone have luck finding the hardware somewhere here? Thanks for any pointers!

You can try amazon.de

They have them, but unfortunately this product says “This item does not ship to the United States”.

I wonder if Turris is missing some certification to allow the big sellers to market here? :frowning:

That will be a problem. The US can not sell equipment that is not locked wifi on American wifi frequencies. This does not comply with any router that comes with OpenWRT system or its counterpart.If I remember correctly.

That really sucks.

I did find out that amazon.de had one seller under “other sellers” that seems to ship to the US, so I’m trying that route! Hopefully it gets here! It was not ‘Fulfilled by Amazon’ so that may be the difference…

Does somebody know details of the regulations? As CZ.NIC was shipping routers from the campaign to US, it’s probably not a problem to ship it there, am I right?

If that is the case, all you need is finding somebody who would buy the router where it is available and ship it to you. I probably could do that, though my experience with shipping something valuable to US is exactly zero :-).

Only “small” shipments of routers can be made unless the devices comply with the US regulations (I asked cz.nic on twitter) that is how the indiegogo routers were shipped. A mass produced and regularly sold router must comply. The regulations basically say that no routers sold for the US market can use frequencies or power levels that are not allowed in the US. There are quite a few of these used for wifi in other countries which the US uses for other purposes and vice versa. Airport radar is one of them.

Some router makers have reacted by no longer allowing open source firmware (only the manufacturers signed firmware can be loaded by the device) others like Linksys and Asus have basically split their device firmware so that the regulated radio parameters cannot be changed to just any values anymore (my guess is that these are now hard coded into the device), while the rest of the firmware can still be changed. This allows open source development to go on and still meet the regulations.

This also means that router vendors have country specific variants of their routers, where the difference is what the hardcoded/unchangeable radio parameters are.

The tricky part for someone like cz.nic is that if they go this route the routers they sell for US would be different from those elsewhere. That’s a significant cost. For a large router vendor it’s fine but cz.nic may not want to.

Found a Czech seller on eBay.com, shipping to the USA.

Is not the price on ebay suspiciously cheap? 1GB for US 194, 2GB for US 235?

feedback as a seller 0
feedback as a buyer in last year 1

Ales, you might be right,. but also might be wrong…No way to tell.
If you pay via PayPal, you are safe ?
On the other hand, evey seller has to start one day.
Positive comments come later, as buyers are satisfied. Price is correct, as many sellers are selling the 2G Turris for this price.
We need to find out more information about this seller , as I want to buy one myself.

usually, when something seems too good, it’s not true - it is my experience :slight_smile:
maybe I am too careful

seller of the same name (even with the Turris Omnia) is also on amazon.com, there is more feedback, maybe it will be ok

good luck :wink: