List of compatible LTE modems for Turris Omnia

Hi Folks,

I’m in the market for an LTE modem for the Turris Omnia hardware. Does anybody know where I could find a list of supported mini-PCIe LTE modems that work with the Turris OS? Maybe there is an HCL (Hardware Compatibility List) that I can’t find?

Thanks for any hints and tips, in advance. :slight_smile:

I don’t think there is such a list.

I think tho that you should simply better check what modem you want to buy (can afford?) and then search on the Internet for the proper linux kernel module that supports it. And then check/ask here if it’s already compiled on Omnia. The same goes for all the hardware I think.

For example wifi modules of original omnia cards are: ath9k and ath10k_pci. Just find the modem first. I am trying to save some money for this: Support/Patch for Sierra Wireless EM7565. This modem supports 5G.

that’s a bummer :frowning: … it would be nice if such a list existed.

Maybe those that have an LTE modem installed in their Onmia could mention here exactly which model that they have installed and working? :slight_smile:

OpenWRT doesn’t seem to have complete official support for MBIM/QMI modems.

If you have got a modem, just try to google if there is a solution…

My story:
I have got an 4G LTE USB modem - ALCATEL Link Key IK40V - for just one coin from my operator. The problem is that model is not officially supported by OpenWRT. I decide to test it on other box with OpenWRT. After some Googling, I was able (as Linux novice) to install few add on libraries and ready that modem for operation.
I start with chip identification trough OpenWRT and its USB. As I found the chip type (same look/type devices can run on different hardware), than I was able to google the preparation process and connection process. If you will google, you may found the describtion.

My plan was to have LTE USB stick as backup for standard VDSL connection (and if possible to speed up my slow UPLINK by LTE). I stay locked on multiWAN proper configuration as it was too complicated for me.

My story here described here: [Solved] Huawei E3372s-153 in NCM mode not working