Librespeed location report issues

So I am a happy user of both netmetr (as long as it will still operate) and librespeed.
The reason why I keep netmetr running is that it allows nicely spaced/timed measurements, librespeed’s middle of the night measurements are not nearly half as useful.

That said, i understand that netmetr will sunset and librespeed is considerably better than nothing).

However,I have a mostly cosmetic remark:

Virginia, United States, OVH	9/2/2023 3:01 AM	92.45	42.74	1.62	18
Virginia, United States, OVH	9/1/2023 3:01 AM	92.49	42.75	0.38	17
Frankfurt, Germany (Clouvider)	8/31/2023 3:01 AM	96.56	42.52	0.25	17.64
Frankfurt, Germany (Clouvider)	8/30/2023 7:21 PM	92.96	42.61	0.14	19

Since I am located in the middle of Germany, getting an RTT of 18ms to Virginia in the US is not believable… The distance is ~ 6.590 Km, so with 10006590000/300000000 = 22 one way delay or 44ms RTT , assuming we could get a direct evacuated path between both locations in fiber more like 10006590000/(0.67*300000000) = 33 ms OWD or 66ms RTT.

My point is, the reported location of the servers is apparently incorrect and should be fixed somewhere…

P.S.: I sorted this into tweaks as it is mostly cosmetic.

Please communicate it directly to Librespeed (creating an issue will be probably the best way).

I’ve measured 338 ms to the OVH server (it looks like a satellite connection) :grin:

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Side note, I had not realised that the faulty information is part of librespeeds report until I ran librespeed-cli on my turris, and I only did this while filling in a bug report following your helpful advice. Not sure why I thought this to be a turris issue…

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