LEDs Not Dimmable in Rainbow

I have just set-up my Omnia Router today and this is my first post (after searching for an answer in the forum). I’m not too technical but am excited for this amazing device!
My issue is simple:
I want to make the front LEDs less bright (ideally, a less bright blue). I have tried dozens of hexadecimal codes for various colors different from the stock colors, but nothing works, only the standard presets have any effect at all.

This is what I have been doing: I select “custom” in Rainbow (such as 003399 which is a darker blue), click Save & Apply but with no effect. Being very new to this router, I’d just like to set a non-stock color (without any scripting) in Rainbow.

Device: Turris Omnia - RTROM01
OS version: 3.8.6
Firmware: OpenWrt omnia 15.05
Kernal: 4.4.91


I just tested it and it works. I had something like dimmer blue.

Probably what you are seeing is that our leds are not one to one with mixed color. They are no way calibrated, in fact their brightness is not linear as we are changing their power linearly and leds don’t have linear characteristic. It’s more like try and see and less mix it on your screen and that is what you get. So you can use some mixing tools but specially with lower settings you will never get what you see in your mixing program.

My tests had no effect whatsoever. When I apply one of the presets, all the LEDs turn green for a second then the new color is displayed. But when I tried any of a dozen test hexadecimals, the LEDs have no response whatsoever. Is that normal?

However, in writing this reply (remember I said I just installed this yesterday, so I’m a total n00b) I noticed the brightness button on the far right side. That’s actually what I wanted so I don’t really need to pursue this further. (The blue is a nice shade of blue and with the brightness turned way down, it’s perfect.)

One last aspect to share: My router is from the original IndieGoGo campaign (it took me until yesterday to find the time to finally install it) so I don’t know if those boxes have any issue with this (it also would not let me register but I’ll put that into a new topic).