LED for wifi not working after reboot

Hello All,
I’ve changed LED configurations and colors so I will know whether wifi is on or off.
I have set the config for wifi indicator led as follows:
And it nicely shows if wifi is UP (lit) or DOWN (led off).
However if I reboot router the LED is off, even if wifi is turned on (devices connected).
If I run wifi up in ssh the LED will turn on.

Did I misconfigure LED and other setting is required as the one in the picture?
I tried phy0radio and phy1radio as triggers at first but that don’t seem to work.
Thanks a lot

I found out now that if I set trigger mode to link on and transmit together the LED is “started” or initiated after reboot.
But that is not exact behavior as it will dim once another LED which is configured to lit on wifi transmit is lit.
Is there configuration to LED stay lit all the time if wifi is on, even after reboots?

I use a triger ( Transmit - Receive … but it’s not important to you ). It is important to check the System - Rainbow settings where the PCI1 configuration must be.

In my experience (I think), the change in the LED Configuration section will take effect after saving the Rainbow section, even if no changes have taken place there

Let me also point out that (for me) wifi 5Ghz and therefore its LED is activated up to about 1 minute after the restart.


In Led Configurations I have only wan port set. I don’t have any wlan led cfg, looks like below


So my wifi leds behavior:

  1. When a wifi adapter is down certain led is not lit, when up it is lit (I have cron job to turn off wifi at night and bring back in the morning).
  2. And they blink by activity.
  3. After reboot they are lit since wifis bring up.

And additionally as far as I remember pci numbering and led numbering are reversed. Also when I tried to configure wifi leds at Led Configuration couldn’t get what I wanted so I don’t have any wifi led setup there.

Edit: Acc.to my experience any change from Led Configuration needs reboot, otherwise you may experience weird behavior.

1 ** Is the problem solved or not?

2 ** After changing the “LED Configuration”, did you try to enter the Rainbow menu and press “Save and Apply”? Will the previous change “LED Configuration” take effect or not?

3 ** It is not necessary to turn off the LED for night operation, but it is enough to lower the brightness


00 07 * * * root rainbow intensity 3
00 08 * * * root rainbow intensity 6
00 09 * * * root rainbow intensity 10

00 18 * * * root rainbow intensity 6
00 19 * * * root rainbow intensity 3
00 20 * * * root rainbow intensity 1