LED configuration for LTE module, Wi-Fi and USB instability

Hi guys

i have bought this “item” 2 days ago
but now i can notice more problems with:

configuring rainbow and Leds, after restart it never saves configuration for LTE module led. it is needed to reopen LED configuration menu and reinitialize PCI1 LED setting to netdev/3G-LTE, config is never saved.
Is it possible to initialize the quectel card before led initialization???

WiFi is EEEEEEEXTREMLY unstalble, 5G and 2.4G too, comparing to my former ASUS 4G-55ACU, it disconnects my Note4 every 1 minute and switches between 5 and 2GHz. Also coverage is a half comparing to asus

Copying from my 1TB USB2 ext4 disk is IMPOSSIBLE!!! it disconnects every few seconds, so no copy of for example a 1GB movie to local is absolutely impossible.

Do you actually expect any answer, or is it just a loud cryout?

Regarding the LED configuration, you have to rename it to something else than Auto-configuration for PCI, otherwise it gets reconfigured on every startup.

Regarding Wi-Fi and USB, I cannot reproduce the issue. So the answer for me is „No“. I wonder where did you buy it so it cost 400 €, though :wink:

I have several HDDs connected to my router via a USB 3 Hub. When I was setting it up I had to move my data back and forth. I faced no problems during the process. All drives have USB 3.

i have usb3 cable too, same problems, more disks tried.
With ICYBOX cable, USB3 to 2xSATA hdd, only first disk is recognized

What do you mean with recognized? Does only one appear under Mountpoints, Mounted file systems?

What about the list below the mounted file systems? Does it appear there?

this issue is only when using 5G WiFi… using cable everything works… thank you for a moment
i will try tune up the wireless or something…