Last update caused DDNS to stop working

Hi All,

Since installing the last round of updates (3.7.1) the DDNS client is no longer functioning. Log says:

myddns_ipv4: No update_url found/defined or no update_script found/defined! - TERMINATE

I can’t see a section named that in the config, and creating a new one from Luci doesn’t bring it back.

Any hints?



More info when running from the command line. I assume it’s writing somewhere it ought not to be?

 122029       : ************ ************** ************** **************
 122029  note : PID '14190' started at 2017-07-04 12:20
 122029       : ddns version  : 2.6.4-1
 122029       : uci configuration:
 122029       : verbose mode  : 1 - run normal, console mode
mkfifo: pipe_14190: Read-only file system
/usr/lib/ddns/ line 78: can't open pipe_14190: no such file
/usr/lib/ddns/ line 78: can't create pipe_14190: Read-only file system
rm: can't remove 'pipe_14190': No such file or directory
 122029  WARN : No update_url found/defined or no update_script found/defined! - TERMINATE
 122029  WARN : PID '14190' exit WITH ERROR '1' at 2017-07-04 12:20

Right, so I’m screwed?

It seams that you really have something wrong with filesystem. I would suspect some btrfs error durring boot caused root to be mounter read only. Error you have posted seems to be from schnapps operation (removing subvolumes). Is there any message earlier in boot process?

If you have serial cable (usb to ttl than you can try to reset omnia to rescue shell ( and run command:

btrfs check /dev/mmcblk0p1

That should verify and diagnose any problems with btrfs partition.

If you don’t have serial cable than you can try to re-flash router ( which causes btrfs partition to be formated from scratch.

Non of that might help if flash memory is damaged. Did you have any periodical write operation pointed to root? For example database, torrents, logs?