Last update 4.4.51 - mischmatch and cron -- solved

Last update rewrote the way RRD to default … /tmp/rrd - and therefore could not retrieve the history of the charts. I had to manually fix on … /mnt/sda1/rrd

It did not work to sending uCollest data - it help an additional restart.

EDIT - Just started work “(Still does not work is not sent data of firewall.)”

Attempt to repair the cron feature by creating a directory/etc/crontabs/ …did not help.

Error message:
turris root @: ~ # cron
cron: can’t lock/var/run/, otherpid may be 22498: Resource temporarily unavailable

Hi JardaB,
the problem is in cron.

To make that work again do - mkdir /etc/crontabs.
Or you can see thread Turris OS 3.6 out now.

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