[Last call] opt-in migration before we will trigger it to all routers running Turris OS 3.x

Dear Turris users,

As you might notice, for some time, there was no release related to our old stable version Turris OS 3.x, unfortunately, we are aware of this situation. We need to change this.

Before we can do it, we need to announce it and migrate current users from the old version into a new one running newer version of OpenWrt. You can find there interesting new features (reForis, Turris:Sentinel as thread system detection, and a lot more!) that we prepared for you and ensure keeping you safe against security threats, etc.

What does it mean to you?

Sooner or later, if you have Turris 1.x and Turris Omnia routers, you will be updated automatically from Turris OS 3.x to Turris OS 5.x. In most cases, it should be smooth, but we expect it will not be for someone of you. I don’t want to scare anyone, but we know that the migration process will not cover every single setup due to complicated and different configurations, etc.

We tried to do our best here. Because OpenWrt 21.02 is going to be soon released, we need to have users migrated as there are some network configurations improvements. We decided we would change the migration script to support it or let OpenWrt scripts do it later. We were thinking that we simply can not keep maintaining both Turris OS versions (3.x and 5.x) forever. It takes time for us, which we can transfer to more valuable things like preparing new features and making releases better focus on upstreaming.

How I can upgrade the router running from Turris OS 3.x into Turris OS 5.x?

There are two ways.

  • the 1st way: opt-in migration, which will be automatic soon and we are looking for final feedback

  • the 2nd way: reflash
    Your configuration will be erased and lost. It results in configuring your router from scratch!

Attention: you can not use backup from Turris OS 3.x. You need to apply those changes manually.

Owners of blue Turris 1.x given under contract need to insert a microSD card under the RAM and follow this article.

If you experience any issues or would like to give us feedback, please use this thread or rather contact our support department so the bugs can be tracked properly.

Our priority these days is Turris OS 5.x and soon declare that Turris OS 3.x is going to be the end of life.


What is the timeline? What will happen if someone fails to insert a microSD before the deadline? I hope that once a deadline for the (then mandatory) transition is known, it will be also anounced in advance…

Many thanks!


OK, I did all the needed steps to upgrade my old blue Turris 1.0 based on this announcement. Unfortunately the wifi signal got weak with the 5.x Turris OS so I rolled back to 3.x which works perfectly fine for me. So please make sure the drivers?? are OK even for us with older machines (mine has Wifi upgrade pack) before the update will automatically roll on.

I had sent this info 3 days ago to support e-mail (in Czech: [turris-L1 #1386406]) but I haven’t got any response yet.

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It depends on how things go. We will announce it in advance. There should still be ways to have Turris OS 5.x on blue Turris 1.x like using schnapps to import a medkit and configure the router from scratch as said in our documentation.

This could be related to your configuration/setup, as the drivers are OK. You mentioned more issues than this in your ticket, and I’m sure you will solve them with our technical support department. I’m sure that they will reply to you soon with a request for diagnostics as they were not attached to the ticket.

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Thank you! I have just received the answer from Marcela B. and will anwer directly to her.

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