LAN connection to switch not established

I have set up the Turris Omnia as pure Wifi Switch the following way: In the cellar of my house there is the DSL router and a connected switch which connects all rooms in the house. In the office I use the Turris and have it connected via LAN port to this switch.
Now I have the problem that the connection between Turris and the switch/router is only established 1 out of 5 cases. The other cases the connection remains silent and the control LED is not on. If I connect the LAN cable for a few seconds to another device and plug it afterwards in again, it works.
What can I do that the Turris Omnia always establishes the connection automatically?

I am having what I think is the same sort of issue. I have my Turris Omnia set up and working as I want it. I have a few devices plugged directly into the ports on the back of the Turris. I also have an 8 port Cisco / Linksys switch set up. Several devices are plugged into the Linksys switch, and then the Linksys switch is plugged into one of the ports on the Turris.

Everything works correctly until I need to reboot the Turris. After a reboot, there is no connectivity on the port connecting the Turris to the Linksys, meaning the LED light isn’t on and the link lights on the devices show no activity. If I just unplug either end of the ethernet cable connecting the two, and then plug it right back in, everything starts to work properly. So I assume the Turris just doesn’t see the link after a reboot for some reason.

This only happens on the port that the Linksys is plugged into. The other devices (a Raspberry Pi, a desktop machine, etc) that are plugged directly into the ports on the Turris come back online just fine.

If there’s something I can do to make the connection to the switch come back automatically I’d love to know about it. Thanks!

Duplicated. Look here: Swich ports offline if plugged during boot and there is also solution from user (not yet respond from Turris team)

Yup, that’s the same issue. Not sure how to use the code the adminX user provided but glad to see at least the issue is being seen by many people. Hopefully the Turris team will come out with a fix soon.

Read the thread. It’s documented there how to us ethe code.

This will be fixed in 3.5.