Kresd start crashing without any change or update

Yesterday evening all of a sudden kresd process died. So I restarted it and it ran for less then 5 mins and died again. I rebooted the router, this and it ran for maybe 30 mins and died again. tried it a second time and at first though it’s sovled as it ran for a bit more then 5 hours and then boom went dead again.

I know there’s another thread about “kresd crashing randomly” and others but I didn’t want to clutter them anymore and I would like to get the required attention.

What I already tried was going back to an older schnapps version although schnapps showed me only the automatically crontab backups so no update was installed. I also tried cleaning up the tty file handles.

So I installed “resolver-debug” and started debugging and when trying to enable debug the last 2 lines it shows from the custom commnd are:

Debug started
2019/04/17 07:37:24 socat[6108] E connect(5, AF=1 “/mnt/ssd/kresd/tty/5243”, 25): No such file or directory
2019/04/17 07:37:24 socat[6114] E connect(5, AF=1 “/mnt/ssd/kresd/tty/”, 21): Connection refused
Does that indicate already some problem or do I need to wait until it dies again?

BTW: You might have noticed thta I moved the kresd configuration to /mnt/ssd/kresd bit thias setup is there for about 2 years and it was always working fine so I don’t think it’s somehow related. The only relation I see is that schnapps will probably have no effect on those partition.

I hope I get a quick answer as I’m absolutely clueless what I should do and my network is actually down.

I already happened again with enabled logs, I mailed you the logs. I really hope for a quick solution

you might confirm that the device at /mnt/ssd is working as intended.
ie. try writing and reading, check syslog, smartctl, remove it and try again.

socat error certainly isn’t related to core of the DNS service. IIRC it’s used for transporting DHCP names from dnsmasq to kresd. There’s no relevant log from the time of the crashes? EDIT: oh, I see you mailed logs somewhere already…

I just assigned the ticket to you, so you can look at it.

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