Knot DNS Server - 1 million zone

Hi Devs,

I tried to specify the 1 million zone in the config file, I also tried in database form (LMDB). For both options, a DNS Server restart takes too long.

knot:/etc/knot$ time systemctl restart knot

real 79m43.583s
user 0m0.017s
sys 0m0.026s

I tried the following parameters: zonefile-sync, zonefile-load, async-start.

Does anyone have an idea?


Wait, systemctl? Turris OS does not have systemd. Knot DNS has different channels than this forum:

EDIT: I suspect those will be better than here even if you run knot inside LXC on Turris.

EDIT2: moved to

Hi, I’m sorry. I wrote in the other. The topic can be deleted!