Knot DNS resolver crashes randomly

The kresd resolver was quite stable for, for a few days, it crashes randomly. I restart it manually (/etc/init.d/kresd start) but this is clearly a big problem for my users when I’m not here.

How to investigate?

Is there something in the log?

If not, you could enable verbose logging temporarily. There’s even a clickable approach. Perhaps just additionally check that recording the logs isn’t switched off in /etc/config/resolver, section config resolver 'kresd', options log_*.

option log_stderr and log_stdout were both to ‘0’. I’ve set them to ‘1 and restarted kresd’. Where is the log? /var/log/messages? (I’m bad at reading syslog-ng configuration files)

Yes, it should appear in there.

OK, done. Next time it’ll crash, I’ll check the log.

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