Just received my Omnia. How to use the USB port

HI. I’m happy to receive the Omnia. As far as I remember, I only added it to 2GB and didnt order any NAS feature.
I see USB port on the device, Can I use it? how? any specific requirements?

You even got 2 USB ports. One in the front and one in the back.

The options are nearly limitless but for the start i would suggest something simple: connect a harddisk or usb drive and have your Omnia be a NAS.
It won’t support UASP but will work fine without. You won’t get the last bit of speed out of a USB SSD or something like that but it will work.

Possible use cases that should work with a bit of configuration:
  • use a 3G/LTE USB stick to add a fallback internet connection
  • create or access another wifi network using a usb wifi adapter
  • network boot linux live systems
  • share your media library on your network using DLNA (both without transcoding only)
Some advanced ideas that may end with recompiling a ton of software and are not always need USB:
  • use a receipt printer like the Epson TM-T88 to print Wifi tickets
  • let CUPS share your USB printer or create PDF
  • share an USB port on the LAN using USBIP
  • boot diskless Windows machines with the storage on your Omnia
  • home automation using some wireless transmitter, e.g. Z-Wave, EnOcean, ZigBee, …
  • add bluetooth and let your Omnia share internet using bluetooth
  • let the Omnia be a VoIP phone using a usb or bluetooth handset or headset
  • connect a DisplayLink USB adapter, a keyboard and a mouse and let the Omnia be your desktop or use VNC or RDP

If it works with Linux in general it should work on the Omnia. The limit will be your imagination and the time and knowledge it takes to get things working.

Personal note: I need a driver for dotstar leds in kernel. It want to replace and extend the small front LEDs with a stripe at the wall.