Jak zabranit tezbe kryptomen pres DNS

Docela zajimave tema…

Nestálo by to za obdobné řešení v rámci TOS? Jako volitelná služba…

A co třeba služba umožňující v TOS distribuovanou těžbu kryptoměn? Z výdělků bychom se pak složili na reklamace eMMC.

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Dobrý pokus (20 znaků !!! :wink:

Yes … an article (Ochrana proti nechtěné těžbě kryptoměn pomocí DNS) Protection against unwanted extraction of cryptocurrencies using DNS … https://www.root.cz/clanky/ochrana-proti-nechtene-tezbe-kryptomen-pomoci-dns/

Article refers to blacklist https://github.com/hoshsadiq/adblock-nocoin-list file which can be used in Adblock. Is this list already included ? Or is it advisable to add it ?

Impetus to the creator of adblock application dev@brenken.org I posted = >

= > EDIT: his list is already included.

On TOS 4 you can use adblock package and blocklist “bitcoin” (focus on malicious bitcoin mining sites, infrequent updates, approx. 80 entries).

The upcoming unbound release 1.10.0 (finally) introduces support for RPZ (DNS Response Policy Zones) [1]. These zones can be loaded from file or transferred over DNS zone transfers or HTTP.

Meaning publicly available sinkhole lists can be utilized with that resolver and would also render the deployment of adblock superfluous.

[1] https://github.com/NLnetLabs/unbound/releases/tag/release-1.10.0rc1