It would be ideal if you help me to add javascript code to extend/fall content

Hello Experts,

I want to add expand/collapse javascript code to the internal pages of my website because they are too long and doesn’t look user-friendly.
As I’m not a coder I have no idea how to do it. The biggest problem is that the site is custom written so I can’t use any plugins. The best way is to apply a code wich will fold the content after curtain length of all pages.

I have no idea on what system the website is written but here is an example page:

As you can see the page is too long and doesn’t look good. I will be vary happy if you can review the website and guide me on how to add this javascript code myself.

P.S.: I have the admin panel and can edit pages/posts so if you can give me some code to apply directly on the pages content that will great.

Kind Regards,

Hm… i think your in the Wrong Forum because here is not a Website Developer, Styling Forum :slight_smile:

Anyway in the new ara of Website is Scrolling the way to go! So your Website looks good for me.

But here you have some Code Examples for easy to use Collapsable Content.

I think the accordion will be suitable for solving your problem.

Thanks a lot guys ill take a look in to them two. Appreciate the replies and sorry for posting in the wrong location.