Isolated Guest Wifi Network

Hi, I am trying to switch to my new Turris Omnia from my current Asus RT-N16.

One of the Asus router features I would like to imitate on Turris Omnia is Guest Wifi – i.e. wifi with separate WPA2 password and clients isolated from the LAN allowing internet access only.

I expect it could be done using one of the two Turris WiFi cards for ‘internal’ users and the second for guests isolating them in separate VLAN. However, I am not sure with the particular configuration.

WiFi guest mode is very common functionality of SOHO routers so I expect a bunch of Turris owners want the same functionality. Anyone having solved this? Could be possible to share the particular configuration here?

I basically duplicated by LAN network configuration through the OpenWRT UI (broke it the first time, I recommend schnapps, the client snapshot system and bottle before you try haha) to get that and a home automation network.

I started with the firewall guest configuration, made a generic wifi network with the default SSID, made an interface connected to that wifi and a different subnet and the different wifi, compared it all against LAN, and bam, done.

Although I still need to toy around with making sure it can’t access the router. That was an issue with my previous router too. Probably some sshd and htttp(s) (whatever server they use) tweaks…

Follow OpenWRT general guide:

See this post: Guest and Intranet WIFI Configuration - #14 by pe7erk0 - Turris Omnia - Turris forum

Since i have some troubles with wifi guest setting i have made little howto. If you will follow it you should have no problem with the configuration.