Is there a way to resolve Multicast DNS hostnames by common programs?

I know about DHCP clients in DNS and I know about Avahi, but I’m missing the link between the standard name resolution and avahi-daemon. This functionality is usually provided by nss-mdns, but this package is not available on OpenWRT. So, is there a way to, for instance, ping nas.local?

I suspect there won’t be a nice way:

To be clear, it’s a matter of each machine, so this only concerns resolving mDNS from the router itself and not other devices in the network. Anyway, I’m certainly no mDNS expert.

That’s right, the OpenWrt mDNS responder umdns works out of the box. However, it’s bit strange to have a system with a working responder and no resolver.

Anyway, thanks for the link, guess I have to wait till Knot Resolver implements this :sweat_smile:

Knot Resolver isn’t planning to do anything with mDNS.

I see mDNS as very separated from DNS, despite what one might think by looking at the descriptions briefly.