Is there a step by step explanation how to setop Turris Omnia as a OPENVPN client?

Hi, I’m searching for months now for a router which can act as an OPENVPN client without losing too much speed on my internetconnection. I have a 500/500 Mbits/s connection (actual around 300 Mbits because of use of powerline adaptors and terrible electrical wiring in my house :slight_smile:

All the commerical routers seems to bring the speed back to maybe 50 Mbits/s when using OPENVPN client.

  1. What speed can I expect when buying Turris Omnia? Does it matter if I buy the 1GB or the 2GB version?

  2. Is there an easy step by step manual how to implement the OPENVPN client (I use PUREVPN).
    I’m a complete NOOB with routers and I want first to have a quick working OPENVPN client setup and later on learn more about how to make optimal use of this router (I have some IT knowledge like COBOL programming and playing around with Windows and Android (rooting and custom firmwares)

I’m still in doubt of buying this Turris Omnia but I see no other options for keeping a satisfying internet speed :smirk:

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See documentation: OpenVPN setup via command line, OpenVPN plugin - a quick and easy setup in Foris, section about VPN in community documentation and discussion on VPN at community forum. Good luck!

Ok, thanks. I did find these articles but I had the impression that it was for implementing OPENVPN Server on the router and I want that all traffic (from smartphones, tablets, laptops, etc) go automatically via the OPENVPN tunnel of the router.
And not that I need to install anything for this on every phone, tablet etc …, or did I misunderstand the article?:cold_sweat:

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Have a look into community forum - it was discussed there…

I doubt that the Turris Omnia can do 500 mbit/s encrypted sustained.

Me too :joy:, but I would like to know what I can expect. I’ll be happy if it is >100Mbits, that’s why I asked what speed I can expect.

But I’m still in doubt if I should buy the Turris. I scanned the community for implementing the OPENVPN client on the Turris and although there is a lot of information there, I’m not convinced it’s clear enough for me to make it work. I’m too NOOB on this terrain. (I did manage to make it work on my Synology but the performance was horrible).:cry:

Some people here have claimed that they can do 140 mbit/s.
The people from turris themselves claim about 100 mbit/s.
“Easy” is a relative term, can’t help you with that.

Okay, thanks anyway for your info.