Is nfct command available in an Omnia or OpenWRT package?

Do Omnia or OpenWRT distributions contain the “nfct” command ?
It can be used to configure a specific timeout in iptables/conntrack overriding the global timeouts defined in /proc/sys/net/netfilter/*
Example given in manpage :

Default Omnia installation already contains shared library used by conntrack-tools

nfct executable should be in conntrack-tools package developed by Pablo Neira Ayuso and it is available on desktop distributions like Debian/Ubuntu

According to upstream sources conntrack-tools is available in OpenWrt 18.06 (TOS4.x) but (currently) absent from future branches OpenWrt 19.x (TOS5.x) and OpenWrt Master (TOS6.x).

I am not aware that TOS carries the package as a patch in its repo.

Conntract-tools were moved to OpenWrt packages repository from main OpenWrt repository. See which means that it is available in upcoming version of OpenWrt including daily snapshots.

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